Furniture & Umbrellas

Metal Wire Displays powered by The MRL Group produces superior furniture and umbrellas for many promotional purposes. Whether you need a custom umbrella imprinted with your logo for an outside event or a custom bar imprinted with your logo and company colors, Metal Wire Displays powered by The MRL Group is here to help. Our furniture has been used in events, bars, night clubs, concerts and festivals. The promotional umbrellas we produce are great for outdoor areas in restaurants, bars, or hotels. Our custom promotional furniture is great for tradeshows, bars, events, point of purchase displays, or tailgating. Popular furniture choices are chairs, tables, stand alone bars, bar carts and table tops. Metal Wire Displays powered by The MRL Group takes pride in helping our clients grow and achieve their business goals. Contact us today to speak with one of our talented team members about your promotional furniture and umbrella needs.

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